I am scared and excited at the same time…

Posting before publishing?

At university they prayed to us that the only thing that will make you rich and famous is publishing your scientific research in a prestigious journal such as nature, cell and science… Well, seems as I have to re-learn and be brave: biologists depart from the sickening “publish with high impact factor or perish miserably” convention and decide to go for the open-access world where a self-organizing, kind-of anarchistic rule will drive science publishing…. I like that idea very much.

I (will) have a publishing record of 1. And although there are many more to come (!), this makes me a little bit, let’s say “thin-skinned” (oder auch dünnhäutig) when it comes to the moment that I have to go to my boss and demand to pre-publish our work in an open-access medium for review… rather than sending it to nature…

Maybe one day, when I will be a powerful and famous PI, I will do as Mr. Eisen does! Until then I will certainly try to convince my boss to do so.